When asked to picture the Nativity scene from the Bible, many people imagine the classic display of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and several farm animals all gathered in a manger. While it seems simple, there are actually hundreds of ways to present the scene, and many of them were on display Sunday at the Nolanville First United Methodist Church.

The church opened its doors Sunday afternoon to showcase dozens of nativity scenes during its second annual Nativity Amazement event. Between 50 and 60 nativity sets were on display in the fellowship hall for vistors to look at during the event. All of the displays were owned by members of the church.

“I think the display is really cool,” Uriel Salazar, 14, said. “I really like the Korean Nativity.”

All of the Nativities on display were picked up by members of the church during their travels around the world.

“We have sets from all over that church members have allowed us to display for this,” event organizer Tammy Belk said. “We have a Nativity set from Korea, we have one from Germany and we have plenty that were purchased in Texas.”

Belk owned three of the Nativity sets on display, one of which she purchased in Arizona in 1987 and another which was purchased in Killeen.

“I really think this event is awesome,” Belk said. “Pastor Patricia (Warden) loves reaching out to the community. She really wants to involve the community in everything we do.”

Warden was on hand at the event and spoke about many of the nativity displays she included, many of which were children-themed.

“I’m a mother of five, and I currently have eight grandchildren,” Warden said. “I started acquiring the children’s Nativities when my children were little.”

Warden said one of her favorite Nativity displays was actually a set of magnets. The magnets were stuck to a cake pan for purposes of the event.

Other Nativities on display ranged from wooden to glass, and some even played music and would light up.

“I really like the musical Nativity,” church member Anne Ridley said.

The Nativity Amazement event will also be open this Sunday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. for people who were unable to attend Sunday. The church is located at 300 W. Avenue I.

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