NOLANVILLE — The children who walk to Nolanville Elementary at the corner of Warriors Path and Old Nolanville Road are in good hands with Dennis Ng, 67, who has been the Killeen ISD crossing guard at that location for the past four years.

Not only does Ng escort the students in the mornings and afternoons but he is well known for waving to at least 98 percent of the vehicles that pass by the school or turn onto Warriors Path.

KISD Lead Crossing Guard Cynthia Smith said, “He’s well known for his friendliness and that wave. Teachers at the school and others comment that it makes their day.”

The morning shift for Ng, one of 97 crossing guards working for Killeen ISD, is from 6:45 to 7:45 a.m. He clocks out but returns to the school at 10:45 a.m. and remains there until 1 p.m., helping transition pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students from the cafeteria to the playground.

Then there is the afternoon shift as children leave the school.

His practice of waving is what sets him apart, and most drivers respond in a positive way.

“There are a few hard ones that have their minds on what they have to do that day and never look my way,” Ng said.

Ng said the favorite part of the job is taking care of everybody that has to cross.

“It doesn’t matter who it is whether it be walkers or runners. I make sure I walk them across the intersection. I’m there for a reason and I give them the best I have.”

KISD Director of School Safety John Dye told the Herald, “All our crossing guards do a great job and we are fortunate to have the caliber of people working for us who get our kids safely through the crosswalks.

“In particular, Dennis Ng, is a very motivated and positive person who is one among many dedicated retired veterans who work as crossing guards,” Dye said.

Training begins with viewing a district-produced video then the training continues as Smith takes them to their assigned location.

Smith said, “The guards learn that they have to stop traffic before they lead the children through the crosswalk.”

Ng said, “Cynthia taught me to make sure I display the sign ahead of me before I walk into the intersection and that’s worked great for me.”

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