Mary Faye McDonald

Mary Faye McDonald, director of the Nolanville Food Pantry, organizes bags of food for families.

NOLANVILLE  — The numbers of families fed by the Nolanville Food Pantry have nearly doubled since last year. The economy forces those numbers even higher.

The Nolanville Food Pantry provided 40 pound bags of food to 195 families in June, compared to 101 families in June 2012. The numbers hover around 200 each month, and food pantry director Mary Faye McDonald said furloughed workers have added to the count.

“One of our clients who was furloughed lost 20 percent of her pay, and she came to us to help make ends meet,” McDonald said. “It’s very sad.”

Last week, Capital Area Food Bank in Austin, which supplies the majority of the pantry’s food, had no meat available to fill McDonald’s request. A small amount is available this week, but nothing is guaranteed.

Now this week, no produce is available. McDonald said the Capital Area Food Bank in Austin relies on donations from large grocery store chains which have not had the extra meat or produce to donate.

Dorothy Glazener, who has served on the pantry’s board of directors for two years and also volunteers at the nonprofit organization, said it’s shocking they can feed so many people in such a small community.

“Sometimes clients only come in once or twice until they can get back on their feet,” Glazener said. “Today’s economy has had a big effect on that. I don’t know how people make it, especially if they have children. It’s eye-opening to see the need.”

McDonald and Glazener agree that the pantry’s new location at 201 North Main St. in Nolanville has increased the number of clients because more people know the resource is available. Local donations have also increased.

The pantry passed inspection by Capital Area Food Bank last week, earning high marks in all areas, McDonald said.

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