NOLANVILLE — There were more wagging tails than whimpers during the city of Nolanville’s annual shot clinic Saturday.

“This was way more convenient then driving to our vet in Belton,” said Alex Frate, adding that the cost savings was also a plus. “This set me back $25 compared to the $60 to $70 the same shot would have cost me at the vet.”

Frate brought his Boston Terrier Stewie to get his rabies and parvo shots and to get him registered with the city.

“A dog collar with proper identification is the fastest way for a lost dog to be returned to his owners,” said Bob Pena, Public Works director and animal lover. “I’m always looking out for the animals. Not only does this bring pet health care to the residents, it’s also a way to get the pets registered with the city.”

Residents and community members filed into City Hall to show their furry friends some love while taking care of their pet’s health care needs.

Dr. Robert Murry of Aztec Pet Hospital in Harker Heights continued the clinic’s long-standing tradition of providing discounted shots.

“People usually end up saving around 50 percent by utilizing clinics like these and investing in preventive measures is an important part of pet ownership,” Murry said. “The pets can’t speak for themselves and they can’t drive themselves down to a vet clinic, so we hope to stimulate the owner to do some basic care.”

Vaccinations for dogs and cats, such as rabies, parvo, corona, feline immunodeficiency virus, canine influenza virus, feline leukemia and kennel cough set pet owners back $10 each.

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