Cavazos Elementary School

Cavazos Elementary School second-grader Kenya Reedus stands next to his robot, Frank, which he made with the help of family members. Students made robots out of recycled material to coincide with studies on shapes, inventions and how-to writing.

NOLANVILLE — Infusing creativity into multiple lessons, second-graders at Cavazos Elementary School recently crafted robots from recyclable material.

The assignment merged 2- and 3-dimensional shapes with inventions and how-to writing.

The result was so interesting, the second-grade teachers said, that they invited the rest of the school to see the creative, robotic work.

Second-grade teacher Wendy Stork said the level of enthusiasm and creativity and the parental support surpassed her expectation, as family members were recruited to help with the home project.

Students gave their robots names such as Wheelie, Candy Man, Green Bot and RG3. They also used at least 10 different shapes and included a description of how they made their project.

Some students went above and beyond, giving their cardboard and plastic creations abilities more in line with typical robots.

Ethan Weber attached a battery and switch to his robot that made the slender, wheeled figure dance and ring a bell.

Kenya Reedus put together one of the taller robots and gave it a distinctive look by spray-painting it black. Frank, the robot, had wiry innards that Reedus called “guts,” which turned out to be Christmas lights that lit up the robot.

Frank’s body parts were composed of a diaper box, shoebox and cereal box, with foil-covered pencils for antennae and water bottle bottoms for eyes.

Reedus said he was planning improvements for the box-bot, including adding claws for hands and other attachments.

“They really enjoyed it,” said second-grade teacher Jeri Lynn Rich, who came up with the project.

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