The Paper Crafts Club, which meets once every month, convened at the Harker Heights Public Library on Saturday. This program has been going about nine years strong, according to group leader Christy Gutierrez.

“We used to be called the Scrapbooking Club, but we do other paper crafts, so we changed the name,” Amanda Hairston, children’s librarian, said.

Gutierrez chimed in, saying, “Especially around the holidays, we make cards — for Christmas, Mother’s Day, you name it.”

Saturday’s project’s theme was back to school, appropriate in timing as the new school year is fast approaching, but also because Gutierrez is an elementary teacher.

Gutierrez had all of the components for Saturday’s project cut out and ready for participants: A large sheet of paper; an apple cut-out, sized to fit the paper background and in either red or green; smaller cut-outs in different shapes and sizes; glue sticks; markers; and, of course, stickers. (“They love stickers,” Gutierrez said.)

There were four girls and two boys, a couple of them as young as 3 years old, who participated in the activity, some with their parents’ help, some determined to make their project on their own.

No one made the same thing, and no one bothered to look at the sample Gutierrez had provided.

One boy, 4-year-old Micah Hopper, used more of the markers, writing his name all over his; 3-year-old Landon Ferguson, went heavy on stickers. Everyone put his or her own unique spin on their projects.

Gutierrez said, “That’s one of the great things about this. We see lots of variety and creativity.”

Best of all, the children’s projects were ready to take home with them as soon as they were completed, and they left while displaying their projects proudly.

Gutierrez said for September and October, the projects will have a fall theme, and everyone is invited to attend.

There is still plenty to do at the library before summer is officially over and school begins.

Maker Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, and Science Club will be meeting for the final time next week, and next Wednesday’s library show will be ending with a Puppet Workshop.

Also, the Bookworms & Crafters Club will be meeting on both Aug. 23 and Aug. 30.

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