Norma Payne

Norma Payne, 57, works at ReMax in Harker Heights as a customer care relations representative and lives in Killeen.

What brought you to the area?

My husband got stationed here and he retired here. Once my husband retired here, we decided to stay here because we promised our kids that at our next duty station we would let them have some stability.

Tell me about your family.

I have two beautiful daughters and two handsome sons. I am married to my wonderful husband of 42 years, the Rev. Richard Payne. We were married on Christmas Day. My husband and I have 21 grandchildren.

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from Okolona, Arkansas.

What community work do you do?

I donate to the soup kitchen with my church. We donate soup and other supplies that they may need. When people need to go get Social Security or doctor’s appointments in Temple or other places, we take them to those places or appointments.

On Dec. 1, we are going to do a drive for sweats and socks for senior citizens and the people in the homeless shelter. People can drop off sweats and socks and the non expensive throws that they can wrap themselves up in and keep warm. The address to our church is 201 East Avenue C, Killeen. It is right across the street from the bus station. Someone will be there to receive these items Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

What is the name of your church?

The name of my church is Mosaic Deliverance And Praise Tabernacle.

What is your favorite store in Harker Heights and why?

My favorite store in Harker Heights is Kirkland’s because it has a variety of things for almost every room of the house. They have different color flowers for when you change your room color and they always have good sales.

What is your favorite restaurant in Harker Heights?

My favorite restaurant in Harker Heights is Cracker Barrel. I like it because after we eat we can go shopping.

What do you think Harker Heights needs?

Harker Heights needs a restaurant that caters to people with lunch breaks. I went to this place in Salado where every server knows what is on the menu. The place does not have menus. I like it because you don’t have to wait an hour on your food you can get a decent meal (not fast food-style) and still be back to work on time.

What is the last movie that you saw?

“Mr. Church,” starring Eddie Murphy.

What is the last book that you read?

It was a book by Priscilla Shiver, just not sure of the name at this time.

What advice would you give your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to get all the education you can before you start a family.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself retired and doing things that I want to do. I want to get a five-bedroom ranch-style house where my kids and grandkids can play.

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