NOLANVILLE — Pet owners have a chance to show their furry friends some love while taking care of their pet’s health care needs Saturday.

Dr. Robert Murry of Aztec Pet Hospital will continue the clinic’s long-standing tradition of providing discounted shots to area pet owners from 2 to 4:30 p.m. at the Public Works Department, 100 N. Main Street.

“I vaccinate my pet because I don’t want him to die,” said Tessa Dempsey, owner of Miller, an Australian shepherd puppy with piercing blue eyes and an overactive tail.

The clinic is open to any and all pets shy of a couple vaccinations, not just Nolanville residents, Public Works Director Bob Pena said. The clinic also gives pet owners the chance to get their pets registered with the city, he said.

“I think last year we saw around 150, and we’re hoping to see at least that many this year,” Pena said.

Vaccinations for dogs and cats, such as rabies, parvo, corona, feline immunodeficiency virus, canine influenza virus, feline leukemia and kennel cough will be available on site for $10 each.

People usually end up saving around 50 percent by utilizing clinics like these and investing in preventive measures is an important part of pet ownership, Murry said. Murry said once pets contract some diseases, after awhile there isn’t much veterinarians or owners can do.

“The pets can’t speak for themselves and they can’t drive themselves down to a vet clinic, so we hope to stimulate the owner to do some basic care,” he said.

A pet rescuer himself, Murry held up his dog Phoenix, which he found a year ago wandering around the neighborhood starving. Whittled down to skin and bones when they found him, the dog slowly regained his health after shots and nourishment.

“He’s named after the bird that rises from the ashes,” he said.

Murry said pet dumping and gaps in a pets’ shots are common problems he sees at his clinic, although the frequency of both issues has decreased considerably over the past few years.

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