Classical guitarist Peter Fletcher performs at the Harker Heights library on Feb. 28.

Peter Fletcher, an award-winning classical guitarist, returned to Harker Heights to perform Feb. 28.

Sharing music and connecting with the audience is what he finds most satisfying.

“The Harker Heights Public Library has hosted Peter Fletcher three times in the past,” said Lisa Youngblood, library director. “Patrons truly enjoy his artistry.”

About 30 people attended the concert.

“The range of what he is playing is pretty astounding,” said Kim Berg, a Belton resident who calls herself an amateur guitar enthusiast. “It’s not what I expected at all. When I was made aware of him, I was really excited about the opportunity to attend this concert.”

Fletcher’s program spanned 500 years of classical music and included pieces by J.S. Bach, Edvard Grieg, Isaac Albeniz and “Simple Gifts,” a traditional Shaker hymn.

Fletcher said he enjoys performing in a variety of venues, such as libraries, arts councils, churches, performing arts centers and colleges.

“You get an interesting demographic of people, which is what I like,” he said. “I want it to be multicultural, with people of all ages together. I love playing the guitar. I want people to hear great music.”

Eric Matamoros, a Harker Heights resident, is a drummer.

“My brother told me about this,” he said. “We are in a band, and we really wanted to be here because it is classical music.”

Fletcher builds a program of three-dimensional quality to make a concert accessible with a little bit of a challenge. To do this he uses two guitars. A sprucetop, which gives clarity, is for the polyphonic portion of the program, and a cedartop, which gives warmth and sweetness, is for the melodic portion of the program.

While he does not play any other instruments, he does listen to music other than classical. He is partial to the music of the ’60s and ’70s, he said.

“Unlike reading Tolstoi or James Joyce, which has all this context, music has no context, it doesn’t have meaning,” he said. “It is what you make of it, how you experience it,” Fletcher said.

Fletcher first performed at the Harker Heights library in 2009, and is currently on tour to promote his new CD, “Edvard Grieg,” on the Centaur label. He travels with three Darren Hippner guitars, two of which he uses in concert.

A reception with refreshments was held immediately before the concert. After the concert, Fletcher met with audience members.

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