There’s not a better time than the present to clean out your attic or at least one bedroom that’s become a closet and take advantage of the eighth annual community garage sale on Oct. 6, sponsored by the Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department.

Heather Buller, activities director for Harker Heights Parks and Recreation, said, “What’s pretty exciting is that when we got this started the whole idea was to give residents an opportunity to sell their items.”

Next, they would get their garage sale permit for free and it wouldn’t count against their limit of two garage sales per year, according to Buller.

City officials in 2017 decided to waive the five-dollar fee so residents could have a garage sale for free but under a rule of only having two per year.

“The Community Garage Sale is advantageous to residents and gives them a chance to advertise for free.

“We also develop a map on our website that pinpoints the locations of each garage sale,” Buller said.

Last year’s community garage sale event drew 96 participants from all areas of the city.

Registration for the community garage sale can be completed online at

Residents can register to have their address, time of garage sale and big sale items added to the community garage sale map.

Buller told the Herald that a new feature this year is the posting of weekly tips on their Facebook page to help people have a successful garage sale.

Most garage sales are held at private homes. Others will combine items and use a church as the location for a fundraiser.

“One approach that’s becoming popular is a block party type of approach where neighbors pool their items. That’s a good thing because it is accomplishing what we want and that’s bringing the community together,” Buller said.

Registration is already underway and will last through Sept. 24.

Residents can register for the sale online or by visiting the city’s Parks and Recreation office at 307 Millers Crossing.

For more information, call 254-953-5493.

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