“Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees played as adults and children practiced what they learned.

The song has 100 beats per minute and mimics the ratio emergency responders use to maintain a rhythm when performing CPR.

“Take 10 CPR” is a new form of CPR and the Harker Heights Fire Department’s A Shift is providing free training as part of their community outreach project.

On Tuesday, the fire department offered two free classes and in 10 or 15 minutes, 16 people learned how to possibly save a life.

Rocio Godoy of Nolanville brought her children to the class. This was the first CPR class for her family.

“The class was life changing,” said her daughter, Saidee Godoy, 16. “You could save someone’s life and make a difference.”

Class participants learned the new methods and how to use an automatic external defibrillator.

“Both are designed to be used by individuals who do not have professional training,” said Heights paramedic/firefighter Ray Gandara who taught the classes Tuesday at the Harker Heights Central Fire Station.

“Chest compressions are the most important thing you can do,” said Heights driver/operator Janet Hooks, who assisted with the AED portion of the class.

Harker Heights residents Morris and Patricia Roberts took CPR classes in the past, but hadn’t kept up with the changes.

“I want to know the updated technology and a better way or new method,” Morris Roberts said.

Patricia Roberts said CPR is something all seniors should know how to perform.

“It’s best to know, and as seniors, we’re still growing,” she said.

A Shift Capt. Jimmy Carson said they will provide future class dates, and take the class into the community.

With new equipment that can be signed out to practice at home, A Shift is committed to serving the community with education, which is part of their mission to care for and serve residents of Harker Heights.

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