One of my favorite things to do is eat, drink and socialize. So, when I heard about Salado on the Rocks, a “pub crawl” event, I was excited and ready to go. At $23, I thought the tickets were quite affordable since they included drinks and appetizers at seven restaurants in Salado.

My husband doesn’t like alcoholic drinks and I’m pretty much a teetotaler these days, but I looked forward to tasting libations with names like Stagecoach Southern Iced Tea, Truman’s Red Martini and The Shed Lemonade.

Our first stop on the Rocks crawl was Stagecoach Inn, where we were served their version of an alcoholic iced tea, complete with Peach Schnapps and about five other liquors. It was strong but not too strong to drink, and it came with a wedge of orange and a maraschino cherry. From the bar kitchen, they brought us the Stagecoach Inn’s famous hush puppies — a nice snack that whetted appetites for the next stop.

From the Stagecoach, we walked through the drizzling rain to The Shed. One of the newest restaurant’s in Salado, The Shed has a cozy, warm atmosphere that reminded me of some of my favorite hangouts when I lived in Colorado. But unfortunately, the staff directed us Rocks folks to a bare, brightly lit meeting room behind the restaurant where we were served The Shed Lemonade and Frito chili pie. However, the lemonade cocktail — a mix of beer and something else that I can’t remember — was delicious, not too sweet and not to hoppy — and the chili pie was the best thing we would eat that night, so that sort of made up for being sequestered.

We hopped in our car and drove to the next stop — Alexander’s Distillery. There, we were served Truman’s Red Martini. The cocktail had a beautiful color but was too strong for me to drink. Believe me, I tried. We were also given a small herb-crusted carpaccio crostini, which was not impressive.

The highlight of our next stops were not food or drinks, but musical entertainment. At The Range, a musician in a cowboy hat sang old country and folk tunes. But my favorite of the night, by far, was the Austin duo playing their renditions of alternative rock songs like Modest Mouse’ “Float On” and Radiohead’s “Creep” at Salado Creek Winery. I could have sat there all night, but their final set ended just a few songs after we arrived.

All in all, Salado on the Rocks was a good time. I hope they bring it back next year and continue to improve it. Maybe we’ll be allowed to hang out in The Shed next time.

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