The Harker Heights Library Science Club took to the skies Wednesday with their first experiment of the falls season: windsocks.

The afternoon was a breeze for Xavier Lacroix, 11, Amari Lacroix, 7, D.J. Wright, 7, and Dani Wright, 6, as they gained new knowledge about the wind and the windsock as a tool to test its directional force.

Rose Ramon, the program’s assistant coordinator and library clerk, introduced the experiment to the group with a series of questions about the elemental makeup, abilities, power, and ways of utilizing the wind that they reiterated throughout the lesson.

The children learned that the wind is composed of air, and furthermore, microscopic molecules.

Ramon asked the children where they had seen windsocks before and was met with the majority’s answer being the airport.

“It’s really exciting to see the young generation excited about science and to learn it,” Ramon said. “It’s great to see them learn these concepts and from something so simple as a craft, they can learn so much and it’s cool to see that.”

The children used markers to design and decorate their personal windsocks, many likening the sock’s appearance to a squid.

Then, it was time to test the windsocks out in open wind.

Ramon directed the club members to flip open the windsocks on the bottom to make a tunnel for the wind to cycle through.

The sunny day provided brief but strong gusts that got the windsocks flying. The children were able to calculate the strength and direction the wind was blowing in.

“Today was perfect because it was a windy day. It was great for them to see the results of the experiment, the lesson in progress,” Ramon said.

“It is an easy way to learn concepts and to see it in the real world. We went outside, felt the wind, and learned about it. For them to experience it in their real life was really neat.”

The Harker Heights Library established Science Club approximately nine years ago. The weekly event gives children the chance to explore different fields of science and conduct hands-on experiments.

The program runs on Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. and is open to anyone who wants to attend.

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