The Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center is looking for foster families to bottle feed orphaned puppies and kittens and care for pregnant animals and those with sickness or disabilities.

“Our fosters only foster animals in need because we are not open 24/7,” said Albert Musgrove, animal control officer. “Fosters are especially needed for puppies and kittens because they are more susceptible to catching a disease.”

Currently two female cats with five kittens each call the shelter home along with 10 female and 8 male dogs looking for forever homes.

“Right before Christmas we only had a few cats and dogs in the shelter, but after the holidays we got a lot of owner release animals,” he said. “When the new puppy smell wears off, about six weeks after Christmas, is when we will be the busiest.”

Those who cannot open their homes can make monetary donations by filling out a wish list at the center’s front desk. The shelter also accepts donations of blankets, towels, dog and cat food and toys. There is never a shortage of pets in need of loving homes, Musgrove said.

“If you have made the decision to add a pet to your family, remember this is a life-time commitment and is not a decision to be taken lightly,” he said. “Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and many other animals are waiting for responsible owners in our shelter and in shelters all across the country.”

Musgrove said the adopter must sign a contract to have the animal vaccinated against rabies within seven days (at 12 weeks of age for puppies and kittens) and neutered within 30 days (by six months for females and eight months for male puppies and kittens). Written certification of these procedures from a licensed veterinarian is required to fulfill the adoption contract, he said.

“There is a three-day grace period, meaning if for any reason you no longer can keep the animal that you have adopted from us, we will take that animal back, minus any refund,” he said

Animals cannot be placed on hold for potential adopters and all adoptions are first come, first serve.

The fee to adopt a pet is $10 and reclaim fees are $20 for the first day, $5 for each subsequent day thereafter.

Contact Vanessa Lynch at or 254-501-7567.

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