My husband and I watch a lot of movies, but don’t often go to the theater. We talk about it a lot, but usually end up staying home. I do love movie theater popcorn, but the thought of sitting still for several hours without using my iPhone turns me off.

Last weekend was an exception. I guess we were feeling a bit reckless and bored, and a movie I really wanted to see was showing at the Harker Heights theater. So we headed over there Sunday afternoon to see “Silver Linings Playbook.”

The film stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver, who, by the way, looks exactly like Sally Struthers of “All in the Family” fame (for all you oldtimers.)

Cooper plays Pat, a man who returns home to live with his parents (DeNiro and Weaver) after being released from a mental institution where he was diagnosed as being bipolar. Pat immediately launches a campaign to win back the affections of his wife, who left him after he pummeled her lover when he caught them in the shower together.

But Pat meets Tiffany (Lawrence), who has struggled with her own share of mental and emotional problems following the death of her husband. Pat reluctantly becomes friends with Tiffany, but only after she promises to help him get a letter to his wife. In return, Tiffany extracts a commitment from Pat to compete in a dance competition.

Although the plot sounds a bit heavy and dark, the movie is actually quite funny. Cooper and Lawrence have lots of chemistry. DeNiro plays a football-

loving OCD father to perfection, and the supporting actors do a wonderful job on the sidelines.

Speaking of sidelines, a scene where Pat goes to a Philadelphia Eagles football game to represent his father is one of my favorites. Dad, who is passionately loyal to the Eagles, was banned from the stadium for fighting. He believes Pat is a good luck charm for the team and hopes his presence at the game will help the Eagles win a berth in the playoffs. Pat encounters his brother, friends and his therapist at a tailgate party in the parking lot before the game. Hilarity ensues, thanks to overzealous fans and lots of beer.

The film is two hours long, so with previews and commercials, our stay at the theater was about 2½ hours. But I loved this movie so much, I didn’t even care. And I didn’t reach for my iPhone once.

Catch “Silver Linings Playbook” at Cinemark Theater in Market Heights.

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