Instead of sleeping in on a lazy Saturday, 3rd Cavalry Regiment troopers opted to trade in their uniforms for orange vests, gloves and trash bags.

More than 30 soldiers with the regiment spent Saturday morning picking up trash and debris along Clore and Lookout Ridge roads during Make A Difference Day in Harker Heights.

“The unit went above and beyond,” said Heather Cox, Parks and Recreation Department activities director.

Volunteers and soldiers made their way through high grass picking up litter and uncovering several tires and a discarded refrigerator.

“Hopefully, we inspired the people that drove past us today to think twice before throwing something out their window and to want to get involved,” Cox said.

The Brave Rifles soldiers take pride in being active in the community.

“Harker Heights is one of (our) partnered communities, and we take that partnership very seriously. This is a relationship of mutual support and service,” said Col. Cameron Cantlon, the 3rd Cavalry commander. “This is our town, too, and the responsibility to improve it lies with all of its citizens.”

Maintaining a strong and working relationship outside the gates is something the regiment takes seriously.

“Thirty troopers volunteered to work beside local residents to clean the streets of the community,” said Capt. Michael Provencher, regimental civil affairs officer and officer-in-charge of the regiment’s involvement in Make A Difference Day. “Working side-by-side fosters the mutual appreciation the community and the regiment share and continues to improve our long-standing relationship.”

Pvt. A.J. Cabardo said activities like Make A Difference Day allow him to get to know his brothers-in-arms better.

“When we are at work, it’s strictly work, so it’s nice to be in a more relaxed environment and to get know the people you serve and work with on a different level,” he said. “I enjoy volunteering and I try to volunteer in every state that I get stationed in.”

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