Pure Energy Sports

Members of a Pure Energy Sports volleyball team take a break during practice.

When John and Tina Gelsinger founded Pure Energy Sports two years ago, their goals were all about volleyball.

They wanted to bring attention to the sport, change the way people view it and show them that volleyball is fun, challenging and rewarding for every girl who participates.

Since then, those simple goals grew along with Pure Energy Sports, which is now a nonprofit organization. Now the Gelsingers want to also help athletes understand and accept leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork, eventually leading them to live productive lives they can be proud of.

The volleyball teams are made up of 14- to 17-year-old girls. Practice is held twice a week in a Harker Heights gymnasium, where the girls build their volleyball skills through drills, scrimmages, off-court conditioning, racing and a medicine ball to build the core strength of the athlete.

Karla Cosme, a team member, said she appreciates Pure Energy being separate from the school system and the serious competitive atmosphere found there.

“Pure energy is great,” she said. “We stay involved, which of course keeps us out of trouble, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Pure Energy hosted its first volleyball tournament of the year Feb. 2-3 in Harker Heights.

Denise Leae, whose daughter plays for Pure Energy, said she believes volleyball helps improve self-esteem, while team member Pamela Alvarado said she enjoyed the high energy of the tournament and the closeness of her teammates.

So what’s in store for Pure Energy in the future? John Gelsinger said they will continue what they started, helping many more girls and boys become participators in life and “teaching them how to control their environment to insure the future they desire and to build their own facility that will allow Pure Energy the ability to incorporate many more aspects that relate to building strong adults.”

For more information about Pure Energy Sports, call (254) 833-0759 or go to www.pureenergysports.org.

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