Professional magician Kent Cummins entertained over 100 children and their parents with several magic tricks Saturday afternoon, followed by a tutorial for the child attendees which delighted everyone and had the area at the Harker Heights Library filled with peals of laughter and delight.

The event was tailored just for the library, and included a lot of book trivia and knowledge, which Cummins built into his act while performing.

He talked to the children about reading about magic from books and using the library as a resource, and how his own personal library has about 5,000 magic books in it.

He also made sure to use books as introductions to his tricks, such as talking about “The Lord of the Rings” while introducing his interlocking ring trick.

Cummins made the event one that was filled with audience participation from both younger and older children.

At one point, he had the entire audience using “invisible” crayons in the air to color, then erase, blank pages in a coloring book as they watched the pictures color themselves in, then disappear.

After the show Cummins gave the children a tutorial, showing them how to do a few tricks of their own.

“The first rule for magicians is, don’t tell the secrets,” he said, as he made the children all take the oath: “I promise not to tell the secrets because it will spoil the magic.”

Then he told them all, “Magic is for fun,” and proceeded to teach them how to palm a coin to make it appear behind someone’s ear.

Josiah Hamilton, age 6 of Killeen, was there with his brother and sister while his mom, Heather, looked on.

“He enjoys the idea of making the impossible, possible,” she said, as Josiah practiced making a coin appear from behind her ear.

The next trick had Cummins providing “magic whiffle dust” to make an item disappear.

Carlos Guzman, 7, of Harker Heights exuberantly exclaimed, “I need the dust!” while he ran off to get some of his own, only to return and exclaim again, “This is going to be cool!”

Cummins even spent some extra time with some of the children who had more questions to ask, but not before sharing the last rule for magicians to follow:

“Practice, practice, practice!”

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