I spent weeks in the gym preparing for my first ever “Tough Mudder” challenge last month at the Longhorn River Ranch in the Hill Country. The race raised more than $5 million for the Wounded Warrior Project.

My brother, Lawrence, and I met the rest of our Coffee and Donuts teammates. We checked in, got our numbers and headed to the starting line.

We had to climb over our first obstacle — a 10-foot high wooden wall, then the 10-plus mile obstacle course began.

We all ran through a plume of orange smoke as we crossed the starting line and ran through an open field dodging animal droppings that, unfortunately, were part of the natural setting.

The first mile had us low-crawling through the mud under barbed wire while an event official sprayed water over us. There were several more walls that we had to jump over, each one taller than the next. But my teammates were really good sports and helped me get over each one.

The next few obstacles included jumping off a high plank into cold water, leaping over fire and swimming through a large bin filled with ice water.

I jumped out and joined my team as we crossed a small muddy creek to get to the next obstacle. We plunged head first into a pipe that slid down into more muddy water, and then had to climb out of another set of ascending pipes. From there, we crossed another river and rushed through monkey bars.

That led us to the mud mile to tackle several slippery mud hills. This challenge prepared us for the upcoming climb up the mountain where we ran into more obstacles and braved high-voltage wires that dangled from above.

Then it was off to the “island hopper” where we had to jump over several wooden boxes floating in the river. From there, we hiked up an even steeper hill while dodging falling rocks.

Along the course, spectators and supporters cheered us on and gave us water and energy boosters.

After maneuvering through other crazy obstacles, we headed toward the finish line. But first we had to run through the electroshock therapy obstacle. I put my arms up toward my face and ran through the dangling live wires that carried 10,000 volts of electric shock.

I was electrified at least four times, but on a positive note, I was glad I didn’t fall or I would’ve eaten the thick mud that was caked on the ground beneath the wires.

Team Coffee and Donuts crossed the finish line and received the official Tough Mudder orange headband and cold Dos Equis beers. Then we headed to one last obstacle — the showers.

The Tough Mudder challenge tested my physical ability. I invite you join me at the next Mudder in Dallas in October.

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