Sophie, a 1-year-old purebred Boxer, is a sweet-natured dog who wants to make friends with everyone.

Recently, Sophie made everyone in Dr. Jeff Jones’ office smile. Her “parents,” Steve and Tracy Filley, said this was Sophie’s typical disposition.

When Dr. Jones began to examine her, she was not suspicious and only started to growl when the needles came out. She quickly received three vaccinations, one of which was through her nose.

Tracy Filley said they’ve owned Sophie since she was 7 weeks old. They saved at least $35 by getting Sophie vaccinated on low-cost vaccine day at the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center.

Vets for Pets, a nonprofit started by Central Texas veterinarians for low-income families, offered basic check-ups, heartworm preventives and vaccinations — including the nasal kennel cough vaccine that vexed Sophie and several other dogs — at the shot clinic.

Jones said he couldn’t remember how he and his fellow veterinarians first came up with the idea for Vets for Pets.

“We veterinarians in the community wanted to improve the quality of care at a low-cost level,” he said. “We thought the only way to do this was to get involved ourselves.”

Vets for Pets shot clinics are operated through grants from the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation.

Call Central Texas Vets for Pets at 254-833-0338 or go to for more information.

Herald/Rachel Kaser

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