“I’m going to San Antonio with my family (mom, dad and brother) – we always go to the River Walk and to the Alamo.” – Faith Rainwater, kindergarten teacher, Skipcha Elementary School

“We’re going to Sea World and my cousin is coming to stay with us. I’ve never been. My mom says we get to see a whale do tricks and we get to see fish and maybe feed some fish.” – Elizabeth Leffers, first-grader, Skipcha Elementary School

“After I finish some grad school projects, I’m going to go see some movies and read something for fun. I may go with some friends to the river and also go to Belton Lake. I won’t be doing any grading or planning.” – Johanna Dorris, fifth-grade teacher, Skipcha Elementary School

“I plan to visit my husband in El Paso at the Sergeant Majors Academy at Fort Bliss. He is preparing to retire.” – Davina Delgado, fourth-grade teacher, Skipcha Elementary School

“My husband and I will probably go to the South by Southwest music festival in Austin. We’re also going to Oklahoma City for a birthday party.” – Rebecca Brown, second-grade teacher, Skipcha Elementary School

“I’m going to go to Belton to go to a lake house with friends. We are going to swim and roast marshmallows. We might go to San Antonio to go shopping.” – Sam Padilla, second-grader, Skipcha Elementary School

“I think my family is going to Disneyland and staying in a hotel. My mom surprised me last week with my dad coming home from Afghanistan. We’re going to stay in a hotel with a big pool.” – Owen Brown, second-grader, Skipcha Elementary School

“My husband is a soldier and has to work. (Our family) will do a lot of disc golf here and in Temple and we plan to go fishing.” – Brandi Ingalls, first-grade teacher, Skipcha Elementary School

“I’m going to New York for Spring Break to visit my aunts, grandma and cousins. I like to play in the snow and to cook with my grandma.” – Malik Francis, fifth-grader, Skipcha Elementary School

“I’m going to Mississippi to visit my granny. I like to play in her yard.” – Kemari Otis, kindergartener, Skipcha Elementary School

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