A pool of pizza-loving piranhas filled the conference room as the magic of theater took center-stage June 26 at the Harker Heights Stewart C. Meyer Library.

Nine children, ages 8 to 12, performed the one-act play, “Pizza & Piranhas,” in the library’s first summer acting camp. More than 30 parents and friends watched the short play featuring words starting with the letter “P.”

“We did something a little wild and crazy with our camp, but in a fun, safe and supportive environment,” said Amanda Hairston, children’s librarian. “The kids worked a lot on their voices, using their emotions and facial expressions. You can never go wrong with fostering creativity in children and this camp fills a void in the community that keeps their creativity active during the summer for a reasonable price.”

First-time “piranha,” Sophia Vohwinkel, 9, can now add acting to her growing list of favorite activities.

“I love all kinds of art, singing and the piano and acting is another way to be artistic,” she said.

The four-day camp filled up quickly and required a daily three-hour rehearsal, but only cost $20.

“We feel that our first acting camp was a success,” said Lisa Youngblood, library director. “We are also fortunate to have had a play written by our own Rose Ramon, library clerk, and it was exciting for the children to meet and work with the author of the play.”

Starring as one of the lead scientists, Alexandra Allen, a seventh-grader at Eastern Hills Middle School had more experience than some of the other actors and wants to pursue acting as a career.

“Onstage, you get to be someone else and that’s what makes acting a fun challenge,” she said.

After the show, parents and piranhas chomped on pizza as Julia Logan, 8, hugged her mom as thanks for letting her attend the camp.

“I liked it so much that I want to do it again next summer,” she said.

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