At the end of an employee recognition ceremony June 25, City Manager Steve Carpenter called Animal Control Officer Albert Musgrove to the front of the room to present him a plaque honoring him as employee of the quarter.

“Everybody that’s worked with Albert says he’s kind ... and helpful,” Carpenter said.

“It really came as a surprise that they chose me,” Musgrove said.

During Musgrove’s busy workday, co-workers urged him to attend the ceremony to support a police officer receiving her five-year service pin. After she got her pin, he tried to leave, but co-workers told him to stay until the end.

“I should’ve known something was up,” Musgrove said. “I guess someone must’ve noticed my work ethic. I’ve never called in sick, never missed a day. I’m always here.”

A retired 22-year Army veteran, Musgrove has worked three years in Harker Heights, after spending six years at the City of Killeen.

“By chance, an offer to work in Harker Heights came up,” Musgrove said. “I also lived in Harker Heights, so that made the commute that much smaller. I jumped ship and came to Harker Heights. I’m really enjoying it.”

While Musgrove said his favorite dog breed to work with is mastiffs, he appreciates cats and other animals, too.

“I like cats, but cats are a little bit too independent for me,” Musgrove said. “I still like all of them. ... I like the whole job. I enjoy the whole thing.”

Musgrove has also worked for Second Chance Animal Shelter in Killeen.

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