Senior citizens who suffer the loss of a loved one can receive comfort, sympathy and restoration at “A New Beginning,” a grief support group that meets monthly in Belton.

Rosa Hernandez started the group in 1998 and continues to moderate the meetings. Group members range in age from the mid-50s to 93 years old, she said, and all have developed a special bond of friendship.

“We communicate available resources to seniors within the community.” Hernandez said. “I lost my husband six months ago. It’s different when it’s personal; I didn’t know how I would respond during the holidays.”

Doris Floyd has been with the group for about two years.

“My husband was ill for nine years before he passed,” Floyd said. “I used to rush home whenever I had to shop, and now I have to remember that he’s not waiting for me. I thoroughly enjoy this group.”

Seniors who freely express their emotions receive support from those who know and understand what they are going through.

“I was mad at God for two years when my husband died,” Eva Black said. “I was spoiled by my daughters and church members while they tolerated my grief.”

Nine seniors pressed their way through the stormy Monday to make it to the July meeting.

“We opened with prayer and are now making plans to celebrate Mel’s birthday next month.” Hernandez said.

The group came to a consensus and agreed their next meeting will be a joint birthday celebration at Jake’s Chinese Buffet in Belton at 11:30 a.m. Aug. 19. For more information, call Hernandez at (254) 624-5050 or email

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