New Beginnings

Mel Groth and Rosa Hernandez celebrated birthdays Aug. 19 at the New Beginnings lunch in Belton.

BELTON — Seniors in the New Beginnings support group met at Jake’s Chinese Buffet on Aug. 19 to celebrate the birthdays of Mel Groth and Rosa Hernandez, group organizer. Ten group members, including two older than 90, joined the lunch crowd and caught up for the first time since July’s meeting.

“We haven’t seen each other since a month ago, so everyone share something with the group to update us,” Hernandez said. “Tell us what has been going on in your life since we last met.”

“I’ve had four events occur since we were together: I’ve got new glasses, new air, new teeth and some footwork done,” said Lois Procter. “Since last month, I have central air for the first time. I’ve waited 90 years to have central air in my home. The men had to install all the necessary equipment throughout my house and now I can enjoy cool air in every room.”

Members shared family photographs, wedding news and health challenges.

“I’ve had a pain in my back that the doctors can’t fix.” Groth said. “I’m also pleased to see that my 3-year-old grandchild has overcome challenges of dehydration after being hospitalized.”

Members meet to encourage and support each other as part of the healing process. Ruth Weasmer is a new member.

She is from Iowa and treated Groth with a small cake for his birthday. Groth also is from Iowa and moved to Texas in the mid-1950s.

Members were reminded of the Senior Expo in September and of their next meeting on the third Monday in September.

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