On Dec. 15, the Black Women in Business hosted their monthly meetup; however, this one served as both a meetup and Christmas party.

The event was held at the Harker Heights Event Center, which is owned by Black Women In Business Chairperson Carolyn Brown.

Rose Smith, the founder of Black Women in Business, said, “My vision of black women in business is to provide a platform for black businesswomen to learn, grow, unite and succeed together.”

Angela Berry of Killeen is the membership chair along with Ta Quisha Foster.

Black Women in Business meets monthly to connect and network with black women in business in Killeen and surrounding areas.

The women mentor each other, inspire each other and offer business education, networking opportunities, and more.

“We hold meetings where we get together; different topics are shared to help the local businesswomen to build their business, learn about ways to properly distribute and handle funds that they are investing as well as what they are earning in their business.

“We also network,” Berry said. “We help and support one another cause each sister has something in them and by being apart of this organization your able to share what you know with other sisters and just like the motto says ‘We are better together.’

“We have a mentoring program and a scholarship program. We do a lot to help give back to our community. Black Women in Business, the Killeen chapter, has been running for one year now.”

Women in the organization have many different talents and businesses.

Hosetter Irvin is the pastor of WHATT Ministries, which stands for Worshiping Hoping And Trusting Together).

“WHATT Ministry is an outreach ministry,” Irvin said. “We travel to whoever and wherever there is a need we will be there. We are a nonprofit organization and we have been open since 2004.

“I have been doing this for 11 years; my sister Esther Martin, who is the founder, turned it over to me in 2005,” Irvin said.

During last Friday’s event, the members played the White Elephant game of exchanging the gifts and judged the Ugly Sweaters.

Christmas music played in the background and food was served.

June Njuguna, a member of Black Women in Business, said, “ I am the owner of African Pride and Jewelry. I just got out of the military on Dec. 14. My business is a home-based business. My jewelry and clothing is all African. I provide income for my family back home.

“My family makes jewelry bags and everything and we import it to the United States from my family in Kenya.”

To see the products from Africa. Pride you can follow them on Facebook: AfricanPrideandJewelry.

Smith, the group’s founder, also has her own business.

“I am an author, publisher and a business coach,” Smith said. “I have been doing this for five years. I have written, ‘Nothing Like Me’ and ‘She’s Got Game,’ which is an answer to Steve Harvey’s ‘Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Man.’”

Black Women In Business meets every third Friday of the month at the Harker Heights Event Center in Harker Heights.

Visit blackwomeninbussiness.org/Killeen-chapter.

Registration in the group is $50, to be renewed after one year.

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