Superheroes sprang into action at the Harker Heights Library on Saturday for this year’s fourth annual “Batman Day” to learn how to throw batarangs, get their faces painted, answer trivia, create their own masks, eat super-powered snacks, bounce in a Batman bounce house, and watch the Lego Batman movie.

The event celebrates the caped crusader’s 75th year of cleaning up crime in Gotham City’s streets.

Lisa Youngblood, director of the Harker Heights Library, said she appreciates the opportunity this event encourages for different age groups to come together.

“Watching parents interact with their children and children interact with teens is always great,” she said. “Batman is of such wide appeal that people can all come together and spend time with one another.”

The event was made possible by Friends of the Library, along with about 20 volunteers from the Eastern Hills Middle School Builder’s Club and the Harker Heights High School Key Club. Families from across Harker Heights and surrounding areas came to mingle, take pictures, and have a ton of Batman-themed fun.

“Families together are important,” Youngblood said. “Families working together and any opportunity that they can take to enjoy together, that what we want to provide for them.”

Lisa Burden, teacher at Eastern Hills Middle School and Builder’s Club sponsor, has partnered with Harker Heights Public Library for five years and enjoys seeing her students have fun while helping out.

“The kids get to help children and it’s different,” she said. “Middle schoolers aren’t always thinking about young children but this is a way for them to help them, it’s sweet. This is a great way for the students to get community service hours, hang out with their friends, and do something good for the community.”

Marisol Braga of Fort Hood and her children Gavin, 5, and Ethan, 5, loved the activities the Harker Heights library provided.

“I liked everything, but my favorite was face-painting because it tickled,” Gavin said.

“It’s great; there’s so much to do and I think they enjoy and appreciate books more because it’s outside of a TV screen,” Marisol said.

Kristin McQuilliams attended the event with her three children Gaven, 4, Bailey, 6, and Rece, 13.

“This event brings the community together,” Kristin said. “I have two little ones and a volunteer, so it’s really nice.

Rece, a Builder’s Club volunteer, had fun gaining hours and working with his community.

“I really enjoy getting to work with all the kids,” he said. “Collaborating with them, building leadership, working with my peers, and making great memories, it’s a really great opportunity.”

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