Barbara “BB” Crawford of Harker Heights knows from personal experience the negative effects of anxiety, stress and overwhelming emotions. Now, she dedicates her time to help others overcome stressful situations.

Crawford gave tips on winning the battle with anxiety in the workplace at a recent noontime workshop hosted by the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce. “Most of us needlessly carry emotional garbage with us to work that even follows us home after the workday is finished,” she said.

About 70 percent of people are not involved in their jobs, which means they have mediocre productivity, general frustration over co-workers and other unlikable behaviors and feelings, Crawford said.

“What I mean is that we become prisoners to distractions created both from inside (and from) people and circumstances that surround us.”

Crawford is known worldwide for her “Emotional Self Sufficiency” training seminars and workshops, which focus on reducing anxiety and training people of all ages to manage their emotions.

“Get in touch with yourself at the deepest level to find out if you’re tight and confined inside your body,” Crawford said. “Or does it feel that you are engulfed in a bubble and there is no way you can climb out nor can you avoid it by moving around its outer limits?”

Manny Tamarez, financial adviser at Fort Hood First Command, attended the workshop and said it was very powerful to be at peace through the exercises.

“I believe there was an energy in the room that was felt by everyone,” he said. “There is value in the work Barbara does and a definite need for it.”

For more information about Crawford’s workshops, call (949) 933-0915.

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