John C. Robinson, pastor and founder of First Church of God in Christ in Killeen, Harold Van Arsdale and Sam Long of Bridge of Hope Church Ministries in Temple pray during the second anniversary celebration service of Christ Cathedral Church in Harker Heights.

A “superintendent moment” is what those on hand celebrating Christ Cathedral Church’s second anniversary heard Sunday as John C. Robinson reminisced about the last time he was at that church’s location.

“I was in a rush to get my wife to her appointment when I realized the trash collection missed my street,” he said, leading into the offering. “I put my garbage in my vehicle and decided to place it in the Dumpster behind this building. At the same time, a patrol car stopped and the officer informed me that it would cost me $200 to use that Dumpster.”

The Sunday service topped off a full weekend of events celebrating the Harker Heights church’s anniversary. “This is our first celebration but our second year in ministry,” said Pastor Harold Van Arsdale.

Robinson encouraged Van Arsdale to follow the Old Testament leader of the Hebrew people, Abraham, and not desire things when others appear to have a better situation.

“Just as Abraham’s nephew Lot selected the best land, he ended up in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah,” Robinson said. “Lot eventually lost everything while Abraham became rich and favored.”

Van Arsdale and his wife, Revonder, coordinated the anniversary activities and invited guests from Temple and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. On Friday, Sherman C.G. Allen of Christ Cathedral of Fort Worth and the Prophetic Ministerial Covenant Alliance led the “Worship in Giving” phase of the Friday service.

“I know what it is like to start off with a small group,” Allen said. “I and my wife started with five faithful members. When we invited larger ministries’ leaders to speak, some said that we were too small and would not be able to fulfill the honorium. Don’t despise small beginnings.”

Johnasen Pack, pastor of Bridge Builders International Church in Arlington, was the featured speaker during the Friday service.

Christ Cathedral shares space with a daycare at 260 Commercial Drive. For more information, call (817) 885-0154 or go to

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