About 30 members of the Church from Excellent Covenant Powerhouse Ministry in Killeen gathered Saturday at the Big Oaks Mobile Home Park in Harker Heights to evangelize and lift up the name of the Lord.

The three-hour meeting began at 10 a.m.

The group set up tents to give shade for the participants, played Christian worship music over an audio system with some members giving personal testimony and one church leader giving a biblical message about David and Goliath.

Hot dogs, chips and drinks were served around the noon hour.

Saberina Griffin, coordinator of the event, told the Herald that this was the first time the ministry has selected a neighborhood approach of sharing their message. In the past, the church has provided a drive-thru prayer ministry.

“If a person feels the need for prayer, all they have to do is drive up and we pray for them. They never have to get out of their vehicle,” Griffin said.

“This activity today is not a membership drive for our church; we just want people to know that we will pray for them.”

The Herald also visited with church leader Elder Cynthia Thrower as she took a quiet walk around the grounds of the mobile home park.

Thrower said, “I’m here today to extend the Word of the Lord to people who may have been in the darkness and not even have known it. There is a way out and they are not alone. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know about the love of God.”

Sandra Braxton cited a poem titled “God’s Love” prior to a message about David and Goliath presented by Elder Thrower.

Several people throughout the day stopped by the mobile home park. One man in particular, who worked for a local business in town, pulled in and asked Thrower if she would pray for him. Several men from the church and other members gathered around the young men as Thrower began the prayer.

When the Herald asked her to explain what had just happened, she said, “I was used as a vessel by the Spirit of God to speak a word into his life that was timely for this hour and moment. It was personal and emotional. He went away knowing that God had spoken directly to his need,” Thrower said.

Throughout the afternoon, the crowd continued to enjoy fellowship, music, prayer and food.

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