A 50-member cast from New Beginnings Church in Harker Heights recently performed “Home for Christmas,” a musical filmed by Killeen Christian TV station KPLE.

The cast was made up of church members, some of whom had worked in show businesses professionally. Co-director Gonzo Gonzalez spent 35 years working as a studio prop/set designer in the Los Angeles area, and choreographer and costume designer Barbara Gonzalez worked behind the scenes of “The Young and the Restless” and won two Emmy awards for costume/wardrobe design.

“It was a privilege to work with them,” Michael McCalip, co-director and church music pastor, said.

Adult performers included Kristi Young, a guest soloist, and Sherry Roby, narrating the birth of Jesus, along with Glen Prince as Conrad the cobbler, Anais Gordon as a woman carrying wood, Windell and Martha Sullivan, as Conrad’s neighbors, and Antwania Hoskins as a lost child.

Mary Stone narrated Conrad’s prayer as he anticipated a visit from God, and Pastor Mike Tracy played reporter Willie W. Whigwacker who attempted to gain the public’s perspective on the Christmas season. Audrey Padin performed a dance choreographed by Gonzalez.

Children performed as character angels, Mary and Joseph, shepherds, sheep and the three wise men. Roby said she had no trouble calming the children during the TV recording sessions.

“When the girls heard my voice change they settled into their roles,” she said.

In closing, the chorus sang carols to remind the audience that Jesus’ birth is the reason the world celebrates Christmas.

New Beginnings is at 859 Copperhead Circle, Harker Heights. For more information, call (254) 698-1030 or go to www.nbc4you.net.

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