Stephen Martin

Stephen Martin, Pastor of Vintage Church, speaks to a crowd of parishiners on February 23, 2014 where Owner Michael Sheppard was on hand to introduce the members of the church to health and fitness.

A new, modern Harker Heights church is taking a different approach to improving its congregants’ lives, one zone at a time.

Vintage Church, a nondenominational church that holds it Sunday services at 10 a.m. at the Cinemark Theatre in Harker Heights each week, introduced the fifth part of its “In the Zone” series Feb. 23.

The theater was nearly full, with the stage setup feeling more like a concert than a traditional church service with blue and green stage lights flashing over a full band performing worship songs.

Lyrics splashed across the theater screen, allowing the audience to sing along.

Following the music, Pastor Stephen Martin jumped into his sermon and its focus for the week was health and wellness.

“In the Zone” is designed to help Martin’s congregation balance the vital areas of life — work, family and faith. Each week examines a different area. Previous weeks focused on God — the foundation of life according to Martin — as well as friendship and money.

Martin described spiritual health as the foundation for everything in life. “You must have a growing relationship with Jesus — fill your mind with God’s word every day. Put God’s word on your lips.” He made it clear that physical health cannot be ignored. “Growing up, I never heard about health in church. If you live life in an unhealthy fashion, it will affect everything you do.”

Heritage Park Fitness was on hand Feb. 23 to serve as a health panel.

Michael Sheppard, owner of the Heights based gym, and Brittany Braswell, nutritionist and dietician and member of the Vintage Church congregation, answered Martin’s questions for the crowd.

Sheppard cited the importance of family and spousal support when one family member embarks on a healthier lifestyle.

Braswell stressed the “healthy balance” necessary to achieving a healthy lifestyle. She offered diet tips like eating lean meats, like chicken and fish, drinking 64 ounces of water a day and having five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Planning ahead before grocery shopping is an easy way to avoid eating out and saving money, she said.

“Your current reality doesn’t have to be your ultimate reality,” Martin said to his parishioners, encouraging them to improve their health to improve their whole lives.

Following the service, Heritage Park staff answered church members’ questions in the theater lobby. | 254-501-7552 | @madlozano

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