A crowd of about 30 people gathered Wednesday in council chambers at City Hall to honor Hal Schiffman, who is leaving the position of Place 1 on the Harker Heights City Council because of term limits.

Schiffman served for six years on the council.

Jennifer McCann won the election on May 4 to take Schiffman’s seat on the council dais.

Several friends presented gifts, including City Manager David Mitchell with the traditional Harker Heights branding iron.

Schiffman told the crowd, “This job was easy because the city of Harker Heights is a community that works to serve its citizens. For the past six years, it’s been a pleasure to be one of five representing Harker Heights, and we were able to do that only because of good, principled leadership provided by the mayors who served with us.”

The city staff presented Schiffman with a book of memories.

Schiffman told the Herald about the highlights he will remember and what he leaves behind.

“One of the highlights is the ability to see firsthand how well our city works as a public entity,” Schiffman said.

“That includes the accomplishments of the department managers to the integrity and service minded nature of the administration. It would serve all of our community well to actually see and experience this firsthand.

“I leave behind what welcomed me which was the integrity and professionalism of city leadership,” Schiffman said.

“I didn’t run for council to fix things because there wasn’t much that needed to be fixed,” he said.

“I became a council member because it’s a group of dedicated residents that serves the public well.”

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