The City Council voted Tuesday to approve a resolution authorizing the city manager to enter into an inter-local cooperation agreement for a household hazardous waste event with the city of Killeen.

The cities will host the event March 20 at the Killeen Special Events Center.

The city will contribute $5,000 toward the joint venture and the city of Killeen will pay the remainder.

Public Works Director Mark Hyde explained that due to the lower amount of grant funding from the Central Texas Council of Governments, this event is open to residents of Harker Heights and Killeen only.

Residents need to bring a photo ID and a copy of their water bill as proof of residency, he said.

With the exception of a $2 fee for scrap tires, all other household waste brought to the event will be free. Potentially hazardous materials such as caustics, flammables, poisonous and toxic chemicals will be accepted as will florescent lamps, mercury, paint and batteries.

“A chemist will be on hand to test items that come in without labels to ensure they are disposed of properly,” Hyde said.

Two additional drop-off points will be available for the recovery of electronics and tires.

Acceptable electronics include TVs, computers and peripherals, cell phones, audio-visual systems and copiers.

“This is a fabulous community and public service as it gives the people an outlet to dispose of things that could otherwise turn into a problem,” Councilman Hal Schiffman said.

Mayor Pro Tem Rob Robinson also spoke in favor of the event.

“This gets things out of circulation and disposed of properly,” he said.

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