The city of Harker Heights held a blood drive Oct. 18 to ensure when blood is needed, blood is available.

Peggy Sofge, phlebotomy team leader for Scott & White Blood Center, said the trauma center needs 70 pints of a blood a day to keep up with demand from daily surgeries, cancer patients who need transfusions and accident victims.

“One pint of blood can save up to three people’s lives,” she said. “The blood people donate most definitely gets used on a regular basis, which is why we constantly need to keep our supply up.”

Sofge said she was on the other side of the blood draw needle when she needed to receive blood during childbirth.

“I’m lucky the blood was there when I needed it,” she said. “One day it could be you or a loved one who needs blood and blood drives like this one ensure that there will be blood available when it’s needed.”

Blood donors slowly trickled into the blood center’s bus parked outside City Hall and the drive collected 18 units of blood.

Since October is Blue Bell month, blood donors received a coupon for a free pint of ice cream and T-shirt for their life saving contributions.

“I regularly donate and I donate as often as I can, but the ice cream incentive was a nice added bonus,” said Kyle Hall, a Harker Heights resident. “You can’t assume there is going to be enough blood or that there is enough of your blood. Giving blood doesn’t take a lot of time, about 20 minutes, so I still have plenty of time left over during my lunch hour.”

Elizabeth Biehle, a Killeen resident, donated for the first time.

“I feared that this would hurt, which is why I hadn’t donated before, but the staff here was great and you don’t really feel it,” she said. “I would definitely donate again.”

Donors can donate blood once every eight weeks. To find out how to donate, call the Blood Center at 254-724-2430.

Contact Vanessa Lynch at or 254-501-7567.

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