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Marilane and Jesse Flint hold their daughter, Sophia, during a fundraiser Saturday at the Pan American Club. Sophia, 4, is battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Dressed in pink, Sophia Flint, 4, was the center of attention Saturday when dozens of community members gathered in an open field near the Pan American Club in Harker Heights to help her family raise funds for her medical treatment.

Sophia was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia Jan. 8 and is undergoing the second phase of chemotherapy treatment. Doctors said she is showing signs of improvement, but the hospital visits are taking a financial toll on the family.

Several entertainment and food businesses volunteered time and services at the fundraiser, including Mindy Mungia of Mike and Mindy’s Bucking Good Time Bull Rides.

“Since we had this side business I figured, why not come help, because they have humongous bills,” she said. “And it’s so sad to see a girl that young going through something so horrible, so we couldn’t say no.”

The fundraiser drew crowds of family and friends, as well as complete strangers who wanted to show their support for the Flint family.

“It’s very unfortunate for any family member, let alone a child, to have cancer, because we are affected with it as well,” said Chelsea Menn of Temple. “Anytime that we can get out and help and support the family, then we are glad to do that, but it is very sad because I have three kids of my own.”

Command Sgt. Maj. Ricky Linton of Fort Hood heard about the fundraiser through his soldiers.

“It’s a terrible situation, I have a small young’un myself and I know these times can be not only emotionally but financially hard, so (we’ll do) whatever we can do to support, to give a little relief to the family,” he said.

Jesse Flint expressed his gratitude for the love and support Sophia and his family received from the community.

“I’m glad everybody showed up and showed support, and I’m thankful my daughters still here,” he said.

To donate to the Flint family, go to, and search for Sophia’s Warriors.

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