NOLANVILLE — The City Council is working to secure 11 acres of land on 10th Street next to the city limits. The property is among several that city officials hope to annex.

“It brings more land into the city,” City Manager Stephen Pearl said. “It also helps close gaps in the city. The outline of the city has some pocket holes.”

A public hearing was held at the J.W. Sims Community Center on Tuesday to allow residents to express concerns and comments about the annexation.

“The land is going to provide housing for individuals with moderate to low income who are trying to get on their feet,” Mayor Christina Rosenthal said. “There’s going to be amenities within those housing areas, like a day care and education centers.”

However, some residents opposed the proposal to build apartment-style homes on the property.

“I was telling the council that I want to know what drainage is going to happen if they take in that property and allow apartments to be built,” said Carolyn Sterling, a former mayor who noted previous stormwater-induced flood problems in the city.

She was among a handful of residents in attendance who shared concern about potential flooding in the area.

“The real heavy concern I have is drainage,” said Nolanville resident Jonathan Smith. “The lack of drainage results in flooding.”

Sterling told the council the upgrades could harm the city if they were poorly planned.

“I’m against the annexation if they are going to pave parking lots for the apartments,” she said. “But if it’s development with individual houses with yards where rain can percolate down properly, then that would probably be OK. Anything that drains is going to have to drain to this street.”

Engineers will assess the property before any construction begins, Rosenthal said.

“It’s not going to be, ‘Let’s throw something up and forget about it,’” she said.

“It’s going to be a managed complex. We have engineers and we will address the proper drainage for the area.”

Pearl said he expects the property to be annexed by the end of August.

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