Construction is progessing smoothly on two new restaurants in Harker Heights — Raising Cane’s and Burger King — and both businesses expect to open before the end of the year.

The building for Raising Cane’s is located at 335 Knights Way, just south of Union State Bank. According to Russell Ford, senior vice president of Marketing for Champion Management, the restaurant is planning to open in early December, and a hard date will be set “a few weeks out to ensure there are no construction delays.”

“Cane’s is anticipating to hire 65-70 crewmembers,” he said. The restaurant will begin accepting applications for employment about six weeks prior to opening, Ford said.

“We’re excited to commence construction in Harker Heights and can’t wait to give Caniacs in the area a Raising Cane’s to call their own,” Area Director Mark Strouse said in a recent press release. “We have found the perfect location, so our next step will be to assemble the perfect crew.

“Along with sharing our one love (quality chicken finger meals) with everyone in the area, our team will be dedicated to becoming an integral part of Harker Heights through active community involvement.”

Construction of the new Burger King is also progressing quickly, with the shell of the building already being mostly complete. The restaurant will be located at 680 Knights Way, just north of Mountain Lion Road.

The burger place plans to hold its grand opening sometime in October, and has begun taking applications for employment from interested area residents.

People interested in working at the Harker Heights Burger King can apply at

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