Katherine Robbins places chocolate chip cookie dough on a tray in preparation for baking at Cookie Addiction.

Julie A. Ferraro | Herald

“Cookies are life.”

Vickie Valladares, manager of Cookie Addiction in Harker Heights, summed up the purpose of the shop well, as she hand mixed a batch of Hello Dolly bars.

For the past 10 years, the statement seems to have been proved true, as well.

“The store is the same,” said Katherine Robbins, owner of Cookie Addiction. The philosophy remains the same: “Make cookies. Make ’em good, and be friendly to the customers,” she added.

Robbins admitted, though, that she almost sold the shop earlier this year. “I’ve changed,” she said.

Some health issues caused her to rethink continuing the business.

She credits a great support team — friends, family, customers and employees — with helping her decide, “I can do this.”

A five-year lease was recently signed on the location.

While Robbins no longer eats the cookies she bakes, as part of her healthy diet, “I get joy out of watching my team eat,” she said.

She relies upon Valladares, who has worked at Cookie Addiction for three years, and the other seven employees.

“I’m big on family,” Robbins explained.

All three of her children have worked in the shop over the years. The youngest, Leanne, a student at Harker Heights High School, still serves customers on Saturdays.

There are daily specials, such as Two 4 Tuesdays. Customers can purchase two cookies and two cupcakes for $7.

Monday through Friday, “happy hour” runs from noon until 2:00 p.m. All baked goods — except for the daily specials — are 25 percent off.

Robbins is especially enthusiastic about “Soldier Saturdays.” It’s not even necessary to be in the military. If a customer is a relative of someone who served, the 20 percent discount applies.

“I’ve told customers, ‘Call your uncle and thank him for the discount,” Robbins said. She’s hopeful such a call might make a veteran’s day, or get people in touch with each other.

As for the cookies — the recipes came from Robbins’ mother, Sue Smith, who has her own shop in California.

The cupcakes, on the other hand, started with one or two recipes from Smith, which Robbins expanded to more than 30 different types, like vanilla cheesecake.

The cookie dough is always fresh, and customers are so dedicated, they even congregated at the shop’s front door during the two weeks Robbins recently closed for vacation.

Whether it’s fantasy fudge, snickerdoodles, Almond Joy, white chocolate macadamia, or the basic chocolate chip, the offerings at Cookie Addiction are, as Valladares said, “a huge comfort. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like a cookie.”

Cookie Addiction is located at 716 Indian Trail # 170 in Harker Heights.

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