The future of Dana Peak Park and how it could pose a financial liability if the city were to buy it from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was one of many plans discussed in a workshop Tuesday as City Manager Steve Carpenter asked council members to consider the city’s future.

Looking ahead five years, council members said they want to invest in upgrades to Veterans Memorial Boulevard and may consider moving forward with a proposal to buy Dana Peak Park.

The park is part of Stillhouse Hollow Lake, which was created in 1968 with the construction of Stillhouse Hollow Dam, according to

Mayor Pro Tem Pat Christ said several years ago a proposal from the council was denied by the corps when asked if athletic parks could be built on the land. A year ago, the council told U.S. Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, a proposal for the park would be presented to the corps, which Carter said he supported. But the council has yet to take action.

“With the budget cuts, I think the corps will be willing to give up (the land), but we need to decide what we really want to ask for,” Christ said.

He said if the city were to “buy into” the park and assume responsibility they would be taking on a huge liability since it is a known flood area.

Mayor Mike Aycock said the city must be careful how it spends money.

“We have to decide whether or not we would establish a fund to be ready to repair (flood) damage,” Christ said.

Carpenter said the key would be to make sure they have a contractual agreement drafted before moving forward.

Since Tuesday’s meeting was a workshop, no action was taken on any item discussed.

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