The Harker Heights City Council performed basic housekeeping duties Tuesday, appointing officers to the Planning and Zoning Commission and other boards and commissions and approving updates to the Parks and Recreation Department’s meeting room policy for the Harker Heights Activities Center.

Michael Johnson, Roger Segal and Larry Robison were reappointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission and Building Standards Commission and alternate Tom Sinkey was appointed to replace Dick Chapin. On the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Patricia Krenek and Carl Ford were reappointed.

The council approved updates to the meeting room policy, which included the addition of a $200 rental deposit and walk-through check lists to be used before and after events.

Parks and Recreation Director Jerry Bark brought the updates to the council for review Jan. 15. At that time, the council asked Bark about sound restrictions for events and if the policy mentioned the city’s liability for damage that may occur during facility rentals. Bark addressed those questions again Tuesday.

“The first one was about the sound permit,” he said. “We do have that within our current ordinance, so if an outside agency comes to the facility, they do have to fill out a sound permit. If it’s an (event) within our department that we co-sponsor, our staff’s there anyway and we can turn those items down.”

Bark confirmed that the activities center is covered by the city’s Texas Municipal League general liability insurance policy at all times, but that information does have to be included on the rental policy. “TML provides a defense whether it’s mentioned in our (rental) contract or not.”

In addition to the $200 rental deposit and the walk-through check lists, some other major changes to the rental policy include the prohibition of tobacco products, lit candles, sand and glitter on tables, and a loss of deposit for every 15 minutes an event runs over the reserved time.

“What was happening is that people would rent the facility, and say it’s over at 1, that’s when they started tearing it down and our staff was there until 2 or 2:30,” Bark said.

For an hourly fee, the activities center can be rented by civic organizations, government entities, businesses and community programs, according to the meeting room policy.

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