Matt Thrasher, head pastor at Crossroads Church in Belton and Killeen, was invited to be “Pastor of the Day” at the state Capitol.

A dropped pin could be heard as silence filled the cavernous room.

With all heads bowed, eyes closed and ears opened, the Texas House of Representatives in Austin listened as Matt Thrasher said a prayer for the lawmakers.

Thrasher, head pastor at Crossroads Church in Belton and Killeen, was invited to the state Capitol by Rep. Ralph Sheffield, R-Temple, to be “Pastor of the Day” on Jan. 23. But his journey to Austin actually began in November when he and members of his church and community walked, ran and biked from Belton to the state Capitol to pray.

“(That event) opened doors and put me in circles that I would not have otherwise been in, such as being invited to the Capitol as pastor of the day,” Thrasher said, adding that he was honored, privileged and humbled by the invitation.

In his prayer Jan. 23, Thrasher asked God to give the state representatives the wisdom they need to lead and the solidarity to work in harmony. Thrasher said he hopes both political parties can find common ground, “like God did for us by sending his son.”

Sheffield said every state representative has the opportunity to invite a pastor of their choice to lead the invocation. He chose Thrasher because “he’s a nice young man and it was good to have someone from Bell County.”

Sheffield described Thrasher’s prayer as, “a great prayer, short and to the point.

“We need a lot of help,” he said. “Thanks to Thrasher, they now have some.”

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