NOLANVILLE — Developers are making plans for Phase IV of the Bella Charca subdivision, which will include 35 lots for single-family homes.

The Nolanville City Council held a public hearing Thursday on the land annexation petition, which must be approved before construction can begin.

The proposed subdivision will be situated at the end of Chimney Hill and Harvest drives, along a newly developed road called Bella Charca Parkway. The total cost of the project is just under $1 million, said John Blankenship, project developer with Casa Frente Development.

“It’s unique in that it is a gated community and it has a homeowners association that governs the community,” he said.

City Manager Stephen Pearl said Phase IV is good for the city because they are “adding population and more property to the city so it’s continuing to build in Nolanville.”

The annexation will add about 15 acres of land to the city limits, Pearl said.

“What we have to do is part of the procedures outlined in the local government code,” he said. “We’ve got to hold two public hearings for annexation, and it just gives anybody the right to come and speak for or against the annexation.”

Phase I was developed in 2005, followed closely by Phase II. Phase III opened in November, Blankenship said, and immediately sold out, bringing the total number of lots in the subdivision to about 200.

But he said there was a snag in the development process, as they anticipated having 800 lots by 2016. “We never expected to hit the downturn in 2007, 2008 and 2009, but since the economy has stabilized, the buyers are more comfortable and the market has changed,” he said.

The developer’s master plan for the subdivision will be about 25 percent complete by the end of the year, with Phase IV completed by fall.

“We are excited,” Blankenship said.

The second public hearing on the annexation petition is March 21.

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