Half-naked hunks hoisting hoses. Swinging axes and strategically placed fire extinguishers. Well-oiled hotties standing underneath a fire hydrant’s spray.

These are the images that typically make up a firemen’s calendar, unless you’re part of the Harker Heights Fire Department.

They have a unique spin on their calendar: Firefighters posing with some furry friends, borrowed from the pet adoption center next door. And not only are the photos adorable, the proceeds all go to a great cause — right back to the animal adoption center.

Fire Chief Paul Sims said, “This is Lindsay’s (Kothmann’s) brainchild. It was a great idea ... she’s new to the community, she just likes to be involved.”

Kothmann, a billing clerk at the fire department, said, “I’ve seen other fire departments do this in the past, and I thought it would be a fun way to give back to the community ... It’s something I always wanted to do, so I pitched the idea to the chief, and I got a lot of support.”

“This was a good way to make a significant impact (within the community)” Kothmann said.

Kothmann herself is an animal lover; she fosters dogs through a local rescue group, so this project was close to her heart.

Kothmann said each month of the year will feature a firefighter in their gear posing with a dog or kitten. The photos were done by Heights firefighter/paramedic Rene Fernandez, who also happens to have a professional photography business on the side.

“He’s a very good photographer,” said Sims. “He took all of the photographs on his own time. That was his contribution.”

The calendars are $20 apiece, and, Kothmann said, “All proceeds will be donated to the animal adoption center.” She said the money will go toward such things as vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and microchips.

Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center manager Jessica Giese said, “I think it looks really good. Hopefully we’ll make lots of sales on it and help the animals at the shelter.”

Sims said, “Come by the fire department and get your calendar ... It’s just about our guys and gals enjoying what they do.”

“I’m very proud of the people involved in this, and I’m very proud of Lindsay,” Sims said. “I’m very proud that she’s represented us so well.”

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