A firefighter with the Harker Heights Fire Department is catching up on his literature this week as he prepares to read to a room full of children at Family Fun Night at Stewart C. Meyer Library.

Family Fun Night is an annual community event hosted by the library and the fire department that allows children to get an up-close view and conversation with a firefighter.

“The firefighter will read a book to them and he will bring some equipment so they can see what it looks like right in front of them and ask questions,” said Kathe Kitchens, librarian assistant. “They will tell them a few stories about what it’s like to fight different types of fires, so the kids can see that the firemen are real people and they are approachable, which is always important for an official,”

The event also gives kids the opportunity to feel comfortable with uniformed firemen in case they ever need assistance or help from the fire department.

“I think it’s effective because firemen are heroes to many children,” Kitchens said. “The opportunity for them to go to a firehouse is limited in some manner, and children who come to the library come to an environment where they feel at ease.”

Children of all ages are welcome to attend the free event. Parents can also sit in and ask questions.

“There are different perspectives that the children bring,” she said. “It’s a good family cohesive kind of thing and kids are becoming familiar with someone they generally see from afar or in the movies, and it’s important to humanize those people.”

Family Fun Night is 6-7 p.m. Thursday at Stewart C. Meyer Library, 400 Indian Trail, Harker Heights.

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