If the new store Five Below in Market Heights Shopping Center could be described with one word, it would be “colorful.”

The store’s merchandise spans the entire rainbow, from red in the “Now” section to purple in the “Style” section.

The store, which opened Aug. 2, was packed with customers the first day with lines at every cash register.

Director of Marketing Operations Elizabeth Romaine said the store originally started as a dilemma of two fathers.

“Where do kids go when they’re too old for the toy store but they’re not ... in college yet?” Romaine said.

This question was asked by founders David Schlessinger and Tom Vellios when they were the fathers of adolescents, leading to the store’s creation.

“(Five Below) is a mecca for teens and preteens, where they can come in and spend their own money,” Romaine said. “Everything in the store is $1 to $5.”

Four Five Below stores opened on the same day in Texas — one in Harker Heights and the other three in Austin. While these are the company’s first stores in Texas, it has been expanding south and west for some time.

“Last year we opened in the Atlanta and St. Louis markets,” Romaine said. “Earlier this year, we opened a second distribution center in Olive Branch, Miss. We really look for areas that have a lot of families.”

Romaine emphasized Five Below’s community ties, and said the company participates in fundraisers and likes to build relationships with local schools.

The store houses eight sections, or “worlds”: Candy, Party, Media, Crafts, Sports, Room, Style and Now.

The Media section has a selection of tablet- and smartphone-friendly products, which Romaine said were big sellers.

The Now world is their seasonal section and carries back-to-school products, including backpacks and notebooks.

The store will sell back-to-school products until the Halloween season.

Herald/Rachel Kaser

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