Flowers with Amor

Flowers with Amor owner Virginia Cavello fixes a flower arrangement Wednesday morning. Cavello, of Harker Heights, is one of many florists gearing up for the Valentine’s Day holiday.

Local florists are busy prepping for the busiest time of year to ensure everyone gets the right gift for their loved ones.

Such is the case for Flowers with Amor owner Virginia Cavello, who has operated her business since 1997.

“It’s very stressful, we make up all kinds of baskets with stuffed-animals, bath items and candy,” she said.

Cavello is among the many shops that order tons of flowers ahead of time for the Valentine’s Day holiday, including about 60,000 roses.

“We usually have to order more the day before or the day of because even three days after the holiday we are still very busy,” she said.

Cavello also hires additional manpower to handle the high demand anticipated next week. She encourages the community to avoid procrastinating.

“It’s best you pick up than to have delivered because a lot of times we get so bogged down with deliveries that it’s almost impossible to get them all done,” she said.

Other shops also have to beef up their workforce for Valentine’s Day.

“On average, the floral department has three workers on the floor, but during this time of year we pull employees from other departments, so there’s about 10 total,” said H-E-B florist Gladys Guillen.

It’s a busy time for the supermarket’s floral department, she said.

“We actually made things like flower arrangements, bows and other stuff ready in advance for customers,” she said.

“We advise (customers) that if you are getting arrangements to get here early to avoid getting whatever is left over.”

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