As Mother’s Day draws closer, local business owners said they began to prepare months in advance.

Bobbye Jacobs, owner of BJ’s Flower Shop in Belton, said she ordered more than 1,000 flowers for customers.

“I have a big room filled with them,” she said.

She also said she added about six new employees to help with the Mother’s Day rush, an “all-week affair.”

Virginia “Virgie” Cavello, owner of Flowers with Amor in Harker Heights, said she started preparing for the rush three weeks ago.

“It includes getting supplies, bows and decorations ready,” she said.

While Jacobs has to hire 15 employees to work as designers, delivery drivers and counter clerks, she said the holiday isn’t as stressful as Valentine’s Day.

“People want mama to enjoy their flowers at work starting midweek,” Jacobs said.

Local spas are also ready for the holiday. Woodhouse Day Spa in Belton mailed promotional offers to more than 8,500 area households.

“We usually start preparing a year out with a marketing campaign, then we started advertising in mid-April,” said Kayla Potts, owner of Woodhouse. “The day before we usually have a big rush, but we have bags made up and things pre-made. We’ll probably get $4,000 to $5,000 in gift card sales for Mother’s Day, and we are booked several weeks out for the weekend of.”

The business promises customers holistic wellness, especially during Mother’s Day.

“From the moment they come in we want to make them feel completely relaxed, calm and like they have nothing else going on,” said Ashley Shinkle, spa coordinator. “We know we’ve done a good job when they refuse to leave.”

Barbara Robinson, owner of Tranquil Retreat therapy and massage clinic in Harker Heights, doesn’t do anything special for Mother’s Day, but she notifies employees about the anticipated influx of customers. The clinic specializes in pain management techniques, reflexology and hot stone massages.

“We quite often have people who want to honor their mother with a massage, so we provide gift certificates with no expiration,” Robinson said.

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