In addition to road construction along U.S. Highway 190, area residents will be impacted by crews widening the Farm-to-Market 2410 bridge at U.S. 190 by adding additional lanes, one in each direction.

Currently, one northbound lane of 2410 is closed on the approach to the bridge and on the bridge itself.

The closure will allow the contractor to drill the shafts in the embankments that will facilitate the widening of the bridge on the east side. Additionally, the center left-turn lane from the eastbound frontage road at FM 2410 will be closed.

The inside left-turn lane and the outside thru and right-turn lanes as well as the eastbound to westbound turnaround bridge will remain open.

The closure and bridge widening on the east side is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2014, weather permitting, according to a release from the Texas Department of Transportation.

The TxDOT construction project, which started Aug. 19, will add a left-turn-only lane in addition to the existing dedicated straight and combination straight and left-turn lane on the southbound side, according to Mark Hyde, the city’s public works director.

On the northbound side of the bridge, there is an existing straight lane only, a combination left and straight lane and a left-turn only. TxDOT will change those into two straight lanes only and two left turns only.

On each side of the bridge, a 6-foot, 8 inch-wide pedestrian sidewalk will be added.

City officials met with TxDOT early this spring where they learned that Big Creek Construction’s scope of work included widening the FM 2410 bridge as part of the $9.5 million U.S. 190 project, Hyde said.

He said the city welcomed the bridge expansion. “The FM 2410 bridge widening project fits in well with the roadway construction currently underway on FM 2410. TxDOT is funding all of the costs for the FM 2410 bridge widening project.”

The current bridge is 67 feet, 2 inches wide and the widened bridge will be 103 feet, 4 inches.

During construction, Hyde said, drivers should observe all warning signs and use caution when passing near construction workers and equipment.

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