NOLANVILLE — Yvonne Frate’s greatest joy is finding the right book for a student who doesn’t want or like to read. A literacy teacher specializing in educating struggling Audie Murphy Middle School students in sixth to eighth grade, Frate said sometimes it’s an uphill climb. But she’s dedicated to finding “the” book, even going so far as to voluntarily turn her classroom into a mini-library.

A Killeen Independent School District teacher for more than 13 years and now a part of Nolanville’s new Economic Development Corporation Board, Frate has the ability to see experiences as exercises in perseverance and opportunities to learn.

Being a member of the EDC is like learning a new language, she said.

“I am eager and willing to learn and grow along with our city,” she said. “I hope I bring an open mind to our EDC. This is a whole new experience for me.”

Frate, 49, and her husband have lived in Nolanville since 2012 after living in Killeen. Like so many other EDC members, she loves the non-hectic atmosphere in Nolanville, as well as the mixture of its residents.

“There are many who have lived here all their lives and many that are new. It’s a good blend to move the city forward,” she said.

Location and size are Nolanville’s biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses. The lack of space magnifies each decision made by officials, Frate said.

Envisioning a cream-of-the-crop scenario for Nolanville, Frate wants to see businesses come in that will get involved in the community. Those businesses, however, should also be different from what Killeen or Harker Heights offers, she said.

“I’d like to see businesses that provide our citizens with services and products we need,” she said. “My hope is that we maintain our small town feel and become a place where people call Nolanville home.”

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